Why I Love QuickBooks Online

When I first started thinking about which accounting software to use in my business, the obvious first choice was QuickBooks.  It has a great reputation and is the most-used accounting software in small businesses. Additionally, QuickBooks keeps up with the current tech trends, because now there is an online version called QuickBooks Online (“QBO”).

As I learned more about QBO and the many applications that integrate with it, I became very excited.  For any need, as the saying goes, “there’s an app for that.” In these innovative apps, you can go about your normal business and the accounting data is captured as a byproduct. The data from these apps sync into QBO automatically, which cuts out countless hours of data entry and document organization.

Another exciting benefit of using QBO is that you can access it from any device with an Internet connection. You can work from your smartphone. You can work on your laptop. You can even work when you’re on vacation (if you really want to).

With cloud technology, smartphones, and tablets, we have an unprecedented opportunity to improve how we do business. Your books are up to date much faster than in a traditional accounting system. This synchronicity empowers me to better serve my clients. I can be more proactive because we are both always on the same page.

If you have ever spent a late evening in the office or worked over the weekend to update your books, I highly recommend converting to QBO. It is an innovative and powerful software that saves time. What I love most about QBO is that collecting accounting data becomes a byproduct of your normal business activities. I’m excited about this shift online and its potential, and I hope you are too.