Sharing Is Caring - 106 Tools

The holidays are over and the new year is upon us. Now we find ourselves in the midst of tax season! Since I'm a CPA and it 'tis the season, I will be sharing articles that are relevant and informative for small businesses and my thoughts on why. Once the busy season passes, I will continue posting original content. 

The first article is a helpful list of apps and software compiled by Intuit to help small businesses tackle common tasks or hurdles. The list is organized by into 9 functional categories, for example productivity and writing. Many have a free version or trial period. This is a handy list to bookmark!

I'm interested in seeing what tools are out there. Some of them I've used or am still using. Others I'm trying out now. Some I've recommended to my clients. Specific apps on the list that I recommend are:

  • Calendly for scheduling appointments
  • Hangouts for video conferencing
  • Scannable for converting photos on your phone into PDFs
  • Canva for creating your own branding package and attractive graphics

As small business owners, we have to fill many roles. These apps can help us be efficient and more productive!

Check out the full list here.