Sharing is Caring - Being Remote & Productive

With the gig economy and increasing prevalence of fully remote companies, "commuting" to the office may simply be logging onto your computer. Many workers nowadays have the opportunity to work from home at least some of the time. Staying productive while at home is a common challenge. Separating work from home life can be difficult. It's starts off innocent with a couple of five minute distractions, but if you track them over time those distractions add up. 

Small business owners often face the same problems, whether they are working from home or not. To remain productive, this article advises treating your working hours as if you were physically going into the office. Two of my favorite recommendations are setting up a dedicated work space and establishing boundaries, like posting office hours to deter interruptions.

When you work from home it can seem like your always working. By creating a separate office and set work hours you can delineate work from personal and feel like you don't have to work all the time. While many people believe working from home is an excuse for a day off, many studies have shown that working from home can prove more productive than working from an office. 

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