Sharing is Caring - Finding Insights in Big Data

The modern world we live in is technology driven. The technologies track and store all sorts of data that could be helpful to business owners, but sometimes there is so much data it's difficult to make any sense of it.

Today's article shares a ten-step approach on how to pull insights out of a vast array of data. It's similar to the scientific method applied to business data. There are three main tasks: define, determine, and deliver. To execute these three tasks you follow the ten step process. Each step is followed by a tip on how to fulfill the step. The steps start with clearly defining the questions and end with developing an engaging story to explain the answer.

Collecting lots of data is not enough. To make good business decisions, we need to work with the data to tease out insights. Every day I work with large amounts of data. These ten steps enable me to provide better analysis and service to my clients. 

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