Sharing is Caring – Polymath’s Tips for Tourism Companies

Have you ever met a person that immediately strikes you as a kindred spirit? I had this experience recently when I chatted with Ingrid Edstrom from Polymath LLC. Like me, she is an accountant and entrepreneur. Polymath specializes in the tourism industry. Recently I decided to focus my practice there as well. Ingrid also helps other accountants build amazing practices by sharing advice and resources.

I first learned of Ingrid and Polymath when I read her blog posts on a popular QuickBooks forum. I went from reading her articles to viewing her website. At the time, I was vetting the tourism industry and tour activities, guides, and adventures. She validated the market potential for me! She is another accountant thriving and following her passion. We both love to travel which is part of why we choose to work with tour operators.

On her website's blog, Ingrid shares her industry knowledge. I would bet these blogs are as helpful to her clients as her accounting articles are to me! One of my favorite blogs of hers is “The Six Must-Have Business Strategies for Tour Companies.” This type of insight only comes from working within the industry. To help her practice and to show my appreciation, I’m sharing her article.

While I ramp up my industry experience, I’m thankful to have support from fellow accountants. We lean on each other and we help each other succeed. I hope you enjoy her article!