Practicing Simplicity

One of the core values here at KIS Accounting is practicing simplicity. I say practicing because simplicity is an ever-moving target. The moment we’ve simplified down to the bare bones, we learn of other techniques. Those techniques may not be the best fit for our businesses right now. Nonetheless, if we’ve achieved simplicity, over time things can become complicated again. For that reason, we practice simplicity. It is important to keep our minds open to better ways of doing things and not being complacent.

The advances in technology, automation, and artificial technology improve how businesses run today. A single person can do so much more now than in the past! Now one person can do the job of several. It’s efficient. The key is to find ways to be more efficient, without sacrificing services. Often, technology improves our services. How convenient is it to buy something on Amazon and its delivered to your door the next day! Small businesses can be competitive if they have the right systems in place.

To simplify your operations, we start by reviewing how you work. We look at each step in how you complete a task. Whether it be how you respond to an inquiry, produce a product, or complete a sale; the more you standardize, the more efficient you are. It takes the guess work out of your response. Some tasks you will be able to automate. Others you can produce a procedure guide and/or checklist. This allows you to train others to complete tasks as you would yourself. It allows you scale. It allows you to meet your customers’ expectations.

After you set up your processes, it’s best to keep an eye on how well they operate. They will need some fine tuning. In the age of technology, the buzz word is disruption. How we do business is always changing. At some point, you may need to reevaluate a process again because a new app or product is available.

In the accounting field, it’s a brave new world with all the new, integrated technologies. It is exciting (and scary) what you can do! These technologies can speak to each other. This creates efficiencies and simplicity. Enter data in one spot and it's communicated to everywhere else it needs to be. The key is to establish the processes and good habits. This will always be a practice, because businesses and technology are always changing. By practicing simplicity, a person can do more than ever before. It clears the clutter in our days. It allows us to focus on what we are in business to do.